Promising (or warning) viewers that she was about to "tell you more than you want to know," Barbara Walters returned to "The View" Monday following a six-week ordeal that left her with a head scar and memories of an itchy recuperation.

"Today after a lot of scratching and rest, I am fine and I am healthy," Walters said, then lifted her hair to reveal the scar from a gash over her right eye. "People have said I should have my head examined," she said. "I did and I'm fine."

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Looking reasonably happy and healthy for someone who has recovered from both a serious head injury and chickenpox, Walters explained that early New Year's Day, when she was at a friend's home in Miami, she hugged a well-known actor also in attendance (whom she declined to name).

She learned later that he had shingles -- an adult-onset reaction to what is normally a childhood illness, chickenpox. Shingles is contagious to adults who have never had chickenpox, she explained.

Then, a few weeks later, while at the British Ambassador's residence in Washington for President Barack Obama's inauguration, she fainted and her head struck a marble floor. She learned at the hospital that she had also suffered a concussion.

In an interview aired on "World News" last night, she told David Muir, "I did not have headaches. I did not have vision problems. I would not have known that I had a concussion if I hadn't had CT scans. I felt a little lightheaded . . . but that's all." She added, "The only cure for concussion was rest. The pox came and went weeks ago. The head injury took longer."

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Walters, 83, had two special guests greeting her at Monday's taping, Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Regis Philbin. The latter confirmed reports that he is returning to TV -- in a show for Fox Sports.