She's back -- already.

Barbara Walters, who retired from "The View" and, at least, an active interview schedule for ABC News last month, will return to interview Peter Rodger, the father of Elliot Rodger, the 22-year-old who embarked on a killing spree on May 23 in Isla Vista, California, near the University of California at Santa Barbara campus. Seven people, including Elliot Rodger, died.

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In a brief statement Monday, ABC said, "the interview will air on an upcoming Special Edition of '20/20,' as well as across all of the ABC News platforms."

Although Walters retired from ABC, few -- including Walters, who joked about an imminent return even on the eve of her departure -- expected her to be away for long. Moreover, it was always expected Walters would return now and then on a discretionary basis, to interview newsmakers. According to reports Monday, Peter Rodger had sought out Walters -- via a request to ABC -- to handle the interview.