Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Ben Stiller Show' Returns Tonight

“The Ben Stiller Show,” one of TV’s under-appreciated oddities, returns to tube tonight when IFC begins airing reruns at 10:30.
The series, which aired on Fox from September 1992 to January 1993 (that’s four months if you’re counting) was an ahead-of-its time sketch-comedy show that skewered pop culture and featured the talents of Stiller (then still best known as Jerry and Anne’s kid) and then-unknown comics like Janeane Garofalo, Bob Odenkirk and Andy Dick. One of the main writers was some new kid from Syosset named Judd Apatow.
Here’s one of the show’s most memorable parodies, “Melrose Heights 902102402,” which, of course, parodied two of the hottest shows then airing on the same network.

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