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Bernadette and Amanda Desimone bring lots of Jersey to 'American Idol'

Bernadette and Amanda Desimone, tan sisters from New Jersey who seem like they somehow escaped from "Jersey Shore," except they're much sweeter than the train wrecks on that show.

Bernadette starts big with "Hit the Road Jack." She has a good attitude and a nice voice. Amanda is up next on "I Wanna Dance." I think it's not as distinctive as sis, but enjoyed it, too. Kara guesses they're from Jersey, says "I kind of like something about them, like they can bring something to Hollywood."

Randy can't decide, they're like, "Hollywood needs us, the show needs us," he says yes after a while. Kara says yes, too, Simon says yes to one and no to another but it doesn't matter, the Jersey sisters are going to Hollywood! 

Ha. It's gonna be fun watching them.

Jarrod Norrell is bad on "Amazing Grace," even if his cadence is interesting. He sings like a bagpipe, somehow. There is an interesting rhythmn to his singing, even if it's hard to listen to. "It sounded like a lawnmower," says Kara to a stunned Jarrod.

He insists on singing it again. Randy calls security in to escort him out, he doesn't want to leave, and is pushed out. Whoa! He is actually cuffed and carried out. I've never seen that before.

Back in the room, Simon says, deadpan, "yes or no?"

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