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Bert's on "Burn Notice"





  As you may know, the legendary Bert Reynolds is on "Burn Notice" tonight - appearing just months after a quintuple bypass. He does a great job - and it's grand to see him.

  A quick review...


THE SHOW "Burn Notice"

WHAT IT'S ABOUT A convention of covert operatives is meeting in Miami, and Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan), Fi (Gabrielle Anwar) and Jesse (Coby Bell) head to a hotel where the meeting is under way. They see Jesse's former boss, who may have the key to why he got "burned" (kicked out of the CIA) in the first place; and a disguised Russian black ops team there to kill someone.

But who? In his own inimitable fashion, Westen finds out: They want a former spy who had a mole in the Kremlin years back. His name is Paul Anderson (Reynolds), and Westen has to find him before the bad guys do.

MY SAY Reynolds was released from a Florida hospital in early March after undergoing a quintuple bypass, which may explain what you will see on "Burn Notice," his first post-op appearance on the big or small screen. He looks fine - which is why makeup artists are called "artists" - but he also looks a little shopworn and gaunt. That's actually perfect for his character, a broken-down spook with fading memories and sober advice for Westen: "I could tell you it gets better, but it'd be a lie. After a while, you just start to collect ghosts."

This man - this beloved, toupee-wearing, race-car-driving, starlet-dating icon - has crammed more into his 74 years than a dozen men. Or, to paraphrase Mark Twain, he has sampled this life, but maybe sampled it a little too much at times. This has been a tough stretch for Reynolds - who also underwent treatment for prescription drug addiction - and you can't help but watch and think this is the comeback we've been waiting for and maybe he has, too. You almost want to stand up and cheer - "Come on, Burt. We love you, man. You can do it!" And he does.

BOTTOM LINE Good for "Burn Notice" to hire this legend. Now, why not take this brief cameo and turn it into something more regular? Michael, after all, could use a mentor besides his mom.


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