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Best 'Mad Men' episodes

"Mad Men" may be gone, but the beloved AMC drama that wrapped in April 2015 is certainly not forgotten. Among its best episodes over seven seasons: "Waterloo," the Season 7 episode featuring Bert Cooper's soft-shoe tap dance. That one certainly deserves top billing, as does "Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency," which saw that messy John Deere accident inside Sterling Cooper Draper Price.
Take a look at television critic Verne Gay's roundup of the show's best episodes, and see if your favorite moments made the cut.

'Marriage of Figaro,' Season 1, Episode 3

Photo Credit: AMC

"Marriage of Figaro," Season 1, Episode 3: Why is a complicated Mozart opera about philandering, deceit, trickery -- and love -- playing in the background of Sally's party, as Don leaves to get the cake (and not return)? Just three episodes in, we knew we were in the presence of a very different TV series.

'The Hobo Code,' Season 1, Episode 8

Photo Credit: AMC / Carin Baer

"The Hobo Code," Season 1, Episode 8: Don gets stoned, utters profound, or profoundly stoned, thoughts. Beatnik calls him the "wordman." Don tells him the "universe is indifferent." Flashbacks to a hobo who tells the young Dick Whitman about the "hobo" code. What's not to love?

'The Wheel,' Season 1, Episode 13

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"The Wheel," Season 1, Episode 13: That glorious final scene where Don Draper condenses the meaning of life down to the bare essentials, during a pitch meeting for a new Kodak camera with a prosaic name that he promptly changes to "Carousel." Word man indeed.

'The Jet Set,' Season 2, Episode 11

Photo Credit: AMC / Carin Baer

"The Jet Set," Season 2, Episode 11: Don sojourns in Palm Springs and does what Don does. He makes new friends, who then decide to decamp to the Bahamas -- something about "taxes." Meanwhile, back in New York, a Duck quacks.

'The Mountain King,' Season 2, Episode 12

Photo Credit: AMC

"The Mountain King," Season 2, Episode 12: Flashbacks! And still in California, we meet the mysterious Ms. Draper -- Anna. The many lives of Don Draper come into focus, then out of focus. Meanwhile, back in New York, a game of musical offices.

'The Fog,' Season 3, Episode 5

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"The Fog," Season 3, Episode 5: Love this weird and wonderful episode, in which we slip into the dreamscapes of Betty Draper.

'Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency,' Season 3, Episode 6

Photo Credit: AMC / Carin Baer

"Guy Walks into an Advertising Agency," Season 3, Episode 6: Guy walks into an advertising agency, and Guy almost loses his foot to a John Deere tractor. Long story. Surprisingly, a funny one. On everyone's "best of" list is this episode.

'Shut the Door, Have a Seat,' Season 3, Episode 13

Photo Credit: AMC

"Shut the Door, Have a Seat," Season 3, Episode 13: The great caper episode, in which a new ad agency is born, flashbacks are flashed, and revelations are revealed. One of the richest episodes in TV history.

'Public Relations,' Season 4, Episode 1

Photo Credit: AMC / Michael Yarish

"Public Relations," Season 4, Episode 1: Love this one because Don tries to spin the press -- and gets bit. But Don gets the memo, and pretty soon, is doing a graceful song and dance for the Wall Street Journal.

'Christmas Comes But Once a Year,' Season 4, Episode 2

Photo Credit: AMC / Michael Yarish

"Christmas Comes But Once a Year," Season 4, Episode 2: Cancer peddler -- and the agency's most important client -- Lee Garner Jr. of Lucky Strike comes to the Christmas party. Poor Roger gets the assignment of coddling Lee. Comedy, tragedy ensue.

'The Suitcase,' Season 4, Episode 7

Photo Credit: AMC / Michael Yarish

"The Suitcase," Season 4, Episode 7: Don breaks down, sees the ghost of Anna -- our first hint that the rules which govern the human mind don't necessarily apply to the Draper mind. Or maybe he does just see ghosts.

'Blowing Smoke,' Season 4, Episode 12

Photo Credit: AMC / Michael Yarish

"Blowing Smoke," Season 4, Episode 12: One of those episodes that had everyone talking -- who is this mystery man, Don Draper, quitting the tobacco business, for ethical reasons? A fascinating new facet revealed, but Don, as usual, has his reasons, sometimes not so clear-cut. A great one.

'Tomorrowland,' Season 4, Episode 13

Photo Credit: AMC / Jordin Althaus

"Tomorrowland," Season 4, Episode 13: Where dreams come true -- if you could only figure out what those "dreams" are. This season closer is about the future, and what each character thinks he or she wants to be, or wants to have. Delusions rule.

'Signal 30,' Season 5, Episode 5

Photo Credit: AMC / Ron Jaffe

"Signal 30," Season 5, Episode 5: One of those great episodes from Inside the Office, where Lane, Pete, Don, Roger mix it all up, but most importantly, Lane goes after the Jaguar account. Meanwhile, Lane and Pete mix it up, and Lane decks Pete. Ah office life...

'Far Away Places,' Season 5, Episode 6

Photo Credit: AMC / Michael Yarish

"Far Away Places," Season 5, Episode 6: Those far away places are either upstate New York or somewhere deep within the LSD-addled mind of Roger, who takes a life-changing trip through his own synapses.

'Commissions and Fees,' Season 5, Episode 12

Photo Credit: AMC / Michael Yarish

"Commissions and Fees," Season 5, Episode 12: The tragic end of Lane Pryce. Jared Harris' character was one of the great ones who came and departed. "Mad Men" without him would almost be another show.

'The Doorway,' Season 6, Episodes 1 & 2:

Photo Credit: AMC

"The Doorway," Season 6, Episodes 1 & 2: This two-part Season 6 opener had everything except doors -- well, there were doors, metaphoric ones anyway. Recall that moment when Don holds up PFC Dinkin's lighter, with the inscription on the back: "IN LIFE WE OFTEN HAVE TO DO THINGS THAT JUST ARE NOT OUR BAG."

'The Flood,' Season 6, Episode 5

Photo Credit: AMC / Michael Yarish

"The Flood," Season 6, Episode 5: Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated during an awards ceremony, and the fabric of reality rips, loudly. An amazing episode that explores race.

'The Crash' Season 6, Episode 8

Photo Credit: AMC / Jordin Althaus

"The Crash," Season 6, Episode 8: In which we meet Doctor Feelgood, who administers a secret potion to the denizens of Sterling Cooper, to make their day go a little faster, and take the edge off whatever edge they may be feeling. A glory of comedy, writing, direction and sheer nuttiness.

'Waterloo,' Season 7, Episode 7

Photo Credit: AMC / Justina Mintz

"Waterloo," Season 7, Episode 7: A beauty in every way possible, but that ending -- when Bert Cooper does a soft shoe and sings "The Best Things in Life are Free" -- is one of those moments that reminds us, or reminds me, why we love this show so much.


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