It's simply not enough for fans of Betty White to get her on "Saturday Night Live."

  Oh no, friends. That was just the beginning for them/me. Reports surfaced this morning that a new Facebook campaign has begun to get her to host the Oscars. Will this succeed? Who knows. But, honestly, does Betty really need this?  Just another small gig in a world of small gigs.

  The simple fact is, Betty has done it all - ninety-two credits dating back to 1945. It's one of the most illustrious careers in TV history, and we all know where illustrious careers in front of the screen lead: Politics.

  And so, with that, a humble suggestion: Why not Betty White for president?

  I have no idea what party she would belong to, but really, people, it's 2010. We are so beyond that. Betty would be leader of the party of the people. (Actually, let's just mark down "independent.")

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 She's got my vote! 

  In any event, I've started my own Facebook campaign to get Betty on the ballot in '12.

  The slogan's simple: "White in '12: It's now or never!"

  Here's the link.

  Express your support!

  Forget the Oscars. Let's get Betty to the Big House!