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Beyonce sizzles, Casey Abrams, Jack Black go lowbrow on 'American Idol'

A smirking Casey Abrams is next on "American Idol," he kicks back a couch to reveal a lurking Jack Black. They're singing "Fat Bottomed Girls," it's like hamfest 2011 up there.

Yet entertaining, at least for a few minutes. 

None of the gyrating singers around them, by the way, fit the title of the song. 

Next the female finalists sing a medley, starting with "All the Single Ladies." All in red, tons of attitude, overacting; it's fun, actually. Then "Irreplaceable," it's like the empowerment break. Haley Rinehart's wearing a black garter, for some reason. 

They sing other things, all in the same vein. Pia Toscano looks fantastic, Haley sings great, as does Thia Megia.

Whole thing drags a bit; and then out comes Beyonce! Ah, suddenly it's electric; my one wish is Jennifer Lopez jumps up and they do a dance-off or something. 

Oh well; the finalists all hug her at the end, she really is great to watch.

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