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'Big Bang' bops 'American Idol' again!

A scene of "The Big Bang Theory," which

A scene of "The Big Bang Theory," which has been nominated for an Emmy award in the best comedy category. Credit: CBS

Way too soon to write the epitaph, but "The Big Bang Theory" has beaten "American Idol" . . . AGAIN!

Here's the line from the CBS not-at-all-boastful news release: 

In the common 8:00-8:30 half-hour, "The Big Bang Theory" topped "American Idol" in viewers (15.96m vs. 15.46m, +3%), adults 18-49 (5.4/15 vs. 4.8/14, +13%), adults 25-54 (6.8/17 vs. 5.9/15, +15%) and adults 18-34 (4.0/13 vs. 3.4/11, +18%).

What's most telling is that 18-34 figure: Kids just aren't watching "Idol" all that closely anymore, or at least at this juncture in the season. 

This naturally all reminds me of another Thursday battle many years ago. Like when Fox moved "The Simpsons" opposite "The Cosby Show," and all the pontificators out there said that "Simps" would be killed. Of course, it was the other way around. "Cosby" started to bleed, and the end was nigh.  

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