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Good Morning

'Big Bang Theory' beats 'American Idol'

Actor Jim Parsons, right, of "The Big Bang

Actor Jim Parsons, right, of "The Big Bang Theory" was nominated for lead actor in a comedy series. Credit: AP

Ooh, boy.  Didn't quite think I'd be writing these words this year, but here it goes: "The Big Bang Theory" beat "American Idol' last night.

There's an asterisk here, of course: "Bang" beat "Idol" in young adult demos, which is where it hurts most. But in total viewers, "Idol" pulled out a win: 17.7 million viewers to 15.7 million.  Another possible asterisk: Fox says it actually tied. CBS says no, it won. So we have a dispute.

Point is, "Bang" -- which turned 100 yesterday -- isn't going anywhere, and is getting stronger. (In a couple of weeks, another big episode -- Sheldon and Leonard have a big blowout, and end their friendship. . .but I'm guessing, not for long.)

Don't know "Big Bang?" It's a good, well-written, well-acted and funny show. Here's a clip from last night:


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