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'Big-voiced talent' Savannah Votion, 'amazing' Vincent Powell impress on 'American Idol'

Vincent Powell first up as "American Idol" goes to San Antonio, doing "Rock Me Baby." Lot of grit and soul in his voice, has the judges sighing in appreciation. 

Nicki Minaj calls his voice "amazing," says it "gives people chills." Mariah Carey thought he was "fantastic," and he's going back to Hollywood (where his trip ended last year.)

Goofy brothers Derek and David Bacerott next, doing "Let Me Love You" -- they're cheesy and can't sing at all, as Randy Jackson says, "the whole thing was terrible." They may just be oblivious; for sure they're rude, keep trying to talk over the judges. Both Minaj and Carey tell them to be quiet and listen.

"If you ever make it you need to really adjust your attitudes, terrible attitudes," Jackson tells them.

Afterwards they clearly don't get it, keep talking and criticizing the judges to the cameras; two of the more obnoxious contestants ever to audition on this show.

Young mom Savannah Votion up next, unspools a niiiiice "At Last." Slow and controlled; heartfelt and big on the chorus. Judges are pin-drop quiet listening; we've heard this song a ton on this show, but this is one of the best versions ever.

"Big-voiced talent, babe" says Carey, with Keith Urban saying he heard a lot of her life in her voice. "Sounds so organic... like what you were born to do," says Minaj as the judges send her through to Hollywood easily.

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