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Bill Murray back on 'Late Show' this Thursday

Bill Murray, Palisades resident: "Bill Murray is one

Bill Murray, Palisades resident: "Bill Murray is one of my heroes. Bill Murray invented everything that a lot of big stars do nowadays in movies: Guys like Vince Vaughn [or] anybody who does that sort of funny, sarcastic character in a movie -- which is almost everybody in comedy -- got it from Bill Murray. Bill Murray invented all that. He's like the Bob Dylan of sarcasm. I love Bill Murray." Credit: Getty Images

Bill Murray, who is largely allergic to talk shows - or any sort of public appearance for that matter - tends to break habit when it comes to "Late Show with David Letterman," if only for the sake of tradition: So yes, he will be back this Thursday for the 20th anniversary show. 

  That's right: It's been (almost) 20 years since David Letterman arrived at CBS, and his first guest (as well as first guest on "Late Night") was you-know-who. As CBS puts it : 

Murray, who was not only the first guest on the LATE SHOW when it premiered in 1993, but also the inaugural guest on Letterman’s “Late Night” show when it debuted in 1982, will make his 26th appearance on the CBS late night talk show.

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