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Good Morning

Bill O' on 'Tonight,' 'Lohan exploited by parents'

 Here's Bill O'Reilly on "The Tonight Show Currently with Jay Leno" last night.

 Good impression of James Carville.

He doesn't like BP flounder Tony Hayward. (Who does?)

Talks about the Shirley Sherrod business and  compares with his dinner in Harlem with the Rev. Al Sharpton. (He blames himself for blaming her and says this was the first time he has apologized for a story.)

Wants Lady Gaga on the show. (He has a strictly journalistic obsession with her, right?)

Feels sorry for Lilo -- "on Marilyn Monroe track" -- been exploited by her parents, nothing worse." Lohan discussion comes up in the second clip, toward the end. 


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