Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Bipolar Shelby Tweten, artist Jairon Jackson top 'American Idol' in Aspen

"American Idol" judges Steven Tyler, left, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson, appear on the first show of Season 11 which aired Jan. 18, 2012. Credit: Fox

Why was "American Idol" in Aspen, Colo.? Who knows. The weakest audition round of the season so far at least introduced us to Shelby Tweten, who says music has kept her going in her battle against depression.

Below is how I ranked everyone. Put in your own thoughts in the comments, or on Twitter using #ndidol.

1) Bipolar teen Shelby Tweten says "'American Idol' has given her "a reason to stay on my meds" -- her compelling "Temporary Home" blew me away. She's probably my favorite female singer of the audition round so far.

2) Jairon Jackson -- who you can tell eats, breathes and dreams music -- wrote his own lyrical love song, getting a "beautiful" from Steven Tyler and a you're a "real artist" from Jennifer Lopez.

3) Log cabin dweller Haley Smith put her own natural spin on "Tell Me Something Good," drawing comparisons to Joni Mitchell. Not sure about that, but I like that she's down-to-earth and seems sincere.

4) Angie Zeiderman pretending to be Lady Gaga was annoying to me. But when she sang "Blue Bayou," she showed she's got great vocal control and some real talent.

5) Hyper music teacher Jenni Schick belts out "Heartbreaker" and it was nothing special to my ears, but Randy Jackson and the other judges like that she's "wild, crazy, anything could happen."

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