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Bizarre story of the day (so far): Eads leaves 'CSI' for a few episodes

George Eads, left, will not appear on in

George Eads, left, will not appear on in the early episodes of "CSI" this season. Credit: CBS

George Eads — "CSI's" Nick Stokes — has left the show over reasons that remain just a tad murky although there appears to be one bizarre fact that has emerged from the murk: He clashed with a writer on the show who is eight months pregnant.

Now, let me add once again the word "bizarre" to this post — though strange, kooky, insane, wacky could do just as well — and append it with the redundant observation that in all the history of television, dating back 60 years, never has a writer eight months pregnant clashed with one of the stars of a hit show ... Of course, don't take my word for this. It may have happened. Not on "CSI."

The story appears in this morning's Hollywood Reporter which has confirmation, and this statement:  "George Eads will not appear in several episodes during the first half of the season. We look forward to him returning to CSI very soon,"

 As "CSI" fans dimly recall,  Eads (and Jorja Fox) was fired off the show nearly a decade ago when both staged a standoff with CBS over a wage hike. CBS chief Leslie Moonves personally intervened over that one, and both Eads and Fox quickly caved (or so reports at the time indicated.) Both were back before long.  

This sounds like something entirely different — words exchanged, possibly inappropriate ones, and the actor was put on leave. But that is probably wrong (actors and writers clash all the time) — that Eads was simply unhappy with some developing story line and demanded that the show pull him off,  that makes more sense to me. Though the image of big, bad Nick arguing with a very pregnant woman is certainly one that is difficult to shake. Makes me wonder how George and Beebs (above) — also a famous hothead though no reported clashes with pregnant women that I am aware of —  got along during his cameo episode a season or so ago.

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