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Bloomberg: 10 New dramas for NBC

Comcast has announced a deal for control of

Comcast has announced a deal for control of NBC Universal. (Dec. 1, 2009) Photo Credit: Getty Images



  Yes, ten new dramas in the pipeline, which is a big number for any network.

  Will all get ordered? Of course not but what if three or four do - a logical number, if not higher considering that these projects can be very pricey? 

  Where will they go? My hunch: NBC at 10...

  Expect this in '10: 

  The slow and inexorable cut-back on "The Jay Leno Show." Bit by bit, the network will grab back 10 p.m., just to keep the affiliates from howling any louder than they are now.

  Ten hours is great news for the production community.

  It may not be such good news for "The Jay Leno Show."

 Now, perhaps, there are other possibilities. Here's what NBCE  chief, Angela Brromstad told Bloomberg News' Andy Fixmer:

  “We have so many holes that we have to essentially rebuild the schedule. Not having the additional five hours has certainly relieved some of the pressure.”

  No arguing there. NBC has manifold 8-10 problems, so hours could certainly be inserted there; moreover, the network definitely...cut back on hour development the last couple years, driven by a furious fixation on parsimony. The new Comcast mantra may well be pennywise-poundfoolish. Maybe... 

  But the hard fact remains that hour dramas=10 p.m. traditionally, unless you're Fox (for reasons to crazily obvious to explain.)

  Other Bromstad news: A remake of "The Rockford Files" is in development. (Ah, television.) David Shore, mastermind behind "House," is  punching that up. J.J.Abrams also has a show in development, and so does Bruckheimer.  

  And this: "Law & Order" will be back in '10.




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