Victoria Beckham gets one of those comments montage, she's really one of the most forgettable celebrity judges, just blends with Kara.

Norberto Guerrero is haltingly, out-of-tune bad; he stops, says he's nervous, she says she used to be nervous too, he starts to go on about his dreams, Simon actually tells him, "even the fact you were singing all that with a beard made it weird." Heh heh.

Bosa Mora, whose parents are from Nigeria. I like him, immediately; big family, they're all there. His parents just seem like typical hard-working immigrants, he seems like a good kid. Wants the judges to see his "shining light."

A totally-unexpected, memorable rendition of "You Look So Good in Love." Simon calls him good but boring. Victoria disagrees, calls it heartfelt, then spars with Simon over his rolling his eyes, says it takes a lot of nerve to stand there and sing. Kara likes his voice, doesn't believe he has star power.

He tells Randy he's ready to work, Randy says ok, you're in. His family rushes him, his dad tells the camera "thank you very much." Awesome story, hope he can stick around.

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