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Bowersox: Up to the mountain tonight?


  Will Crystal Bowersox win tonight?

  I'd like to think so.

  She was the best this season. The best last night.

  But that doesn't mean anything. The best don't always win; in fact, the best usually don't win, and sometimes they even come in fourth or fifth.(And by the way, Lee was just fine too._

    But here's the question that got me to thinking: Who sings the best version of "Up to the Mountain," which could be the song that - voters willings - gives Moma Sox the crown tonight. And if she does win, this will - of course - be the single she releases. 

  Let's check it out.

  First, here's Patty Griffin singing it. She wrote it, so one can reasonably assume this is the standard version. Next, the Susan Boyle version. 

  That's followed by Kelly Clarkson/Jeff Beck on "Idol Gives Back" a few years ago. 

  Finally, Bowersox. Sample each. See what you think. My preference is...

  Griffin...followed by Moma Sox...





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