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Boy reporter Ryan Seacrest tries to interview Bill and Melinda Gates

Bill and Melinda Gates are "interviewed" by Ryan Seacrest next on "American Idol." He's totally out of his league here -- tries to play reporter and asks them why they're pushing people to donate to global health care when a lot of Americans can't even pay their own bills, which isn't what they're doing at all.

They're just trying to keep people from dying from a few easily-preventable diseases; they're not trying to set up any sort of health care system. It's like asking someone who works in an emergency room to do your yearly checkup. You're talking apples and oranges.

The Gates Foundation is one of the best things in the world. It's great that "American Idol" is giving them the publicity, but they should've sent  Ellen DeGeneres to interview the Gates, not Ryan.

Of course they follow that segment with two classy people with a routine by Wanda Sykes. She gets in some good jabs at the show, but Kara just sits there stonefaced the whole time and it has nothing to do with anything. 


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