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"Breaking Bad:" Full measure of excellence



  The third season of "Breaking Bad" ended last night and - spolier alarm bell now ringing loudly - if you haven't watched yet, and didn't see how it all ended, then you may want to ignore or avoid the following.

  As usual,  AMC and "Breaking Bad" have posted an after-show wrap and analysis on "Full Measure," in which creator Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston chat about what it all meant.

  Take a look, and then  you may want to read what Vince told me last week about the show, and the future; that post is way below. This is TV's finest show, and for me there is just one outstanding question at the moment: Will the TV Academy of Arts & Sciences award "Breaking Bad" Best Drama this August? 

 Let's briefly talk about Gale - played by the superb actor David Costabile. First, what was that song he sang!? It was one of the funkiest moments in "BB" history - a meth cook singing (beautifully) some obscure song while he made something in the kitchen.

  This was my favorite scene from last night for many reasons - to cite a couple, it so completely humanized Gale, so completely made him a sympathetic eccentric, who was really kind of sweet and sad.

  The song (Vince tells me) is "Crapa Pelada," an old Milanese song about cooking an omelette!  ("Cooking"...Get it? Of course you do.) I posted a clip below...

  Was Gale killed at the end? I think the answer is almost certainly yes. By refocusing the shot of the last frame, by moving the camera dolly around, "BB" gave the fleeting impression that Jesse turned the gun away. But watch it again in this clip, if ambiguity remains in your mind.

  Poor Gale alas is no more.Costabile however will be just fine. Whereever this actor goes - from "The Wire" to commercials - he nails it. An incredible career awaits this huge talent.





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