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Brett Loewenstern, Rachel Zevita, Thia Megia, Casey Abrams survives brutal 'American Idol' cut in Hollywood

"American Idol" kicks off Hollywood week with double the number of contestants. They go on stage in lines of 10 and sing individually, up or out. 

Bullied 16-year-old Brett Loewenstern is first and he's very nervous. He sings "Let It Be," and it's heartfelt and powerful. No prob -- one of just two in the group to move on. Brutal cut!

Rachel Zevita and her soulful voice make it as well. Colorful Thia Megia, 15, moves on with "Summertime," as does bearded throwback Casey Abrams.

And then bouncy Victoria Huggins, the one who could be super-annoying or super-fun, is up. She's totally kooky, and talk, talks, talks. But man, she can sing; powerful and confident. She's a total performer, too, and with her little twang, is having fun.

Oh, no, she's cut! Awwww.... there goes all the fun, I'm surprised. She's just 17, so hopefully she will be back.

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