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Good Morning

'Family Guy' kills (spoiler) Griffin

The Fox animated series "Family Guy."

The Fox animated series "Family Guy." Credit: AP

Yes, sob, sniffle, sigh, someone died on "Family Guy" Sunday night. Let me amend: Maybe someone died on "Family Guy."  Let me amend further: Someone died on "Family Guy," but: a) We are talking about a cartoon here; b) We are talking about Seth MacFarlane, who has never taken one thing seriously in his entire life, except maybe Frank Sinatra; c) We are talking about a cartoon that has a time machine that works pretty good when it's of a mind too.

Anyway, go to the jump for the name... Oh, you're at the jump of this post already? Good: Now we can tell you who "died." Brian Griffin!

I mean, not good.  Run over by a car.  Sad. Some people even think he's gone for good, to be replaced by Vinny, voiced by none other than Tony Sirico, who -- observant viewers will have observed -- was listed as a "guest" voice, which means he's not long for this world either.

Come on! Brian isn't going anywhere. He'll be back. I promise, or I'd like to promise. All Stewie needs to do is get an ionic capacitor, complete with a z768 hyper-drive and lined with titanium. Once he gets one of those, he'll get his time machine back together again, and he and Brian will never get that damned hockey net from the junk yard that caused all the trouble in the first place. Brian will be back -- he has to be back. After all, he's the central dancing figure in the opening credits and has been for years. Who else is going to do that, if not Brian? Plus, he's a core, key, essential character... (Please Brian, come back...)   

Oh, man, I mean, oh dog, I can't believe I'm blogging about this. Happy Monday, friends, and check back later for my recap and thoughts on the season wrap of  "Boardwalk Empire." 

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