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Brian Krause and Curley Newbern leave 'Idol' judges stunned

Thousands of hopefulls line up at United Center

Thousands of hopefulls line up at United Center in Chicago, IL for the chance to become the next AMERICAN IDOL. Photo Credit: FOX

Curley Newbern kicks off day two of 'American Idol' in Chicago, he has a great smile, I think he's gonna do well. Does "A Woman's Work," and I'm totally wrong. He's got this fake high-pitched, deliberately-paced voice, has the judges cracking up.

"I don't know what that was," says Simon. He leaves them laughing. Shania slaps Simon's arm for being mean; hmmm, a bit of the Paula dynamic here. Grim scene apparently, a lot of reject; 'Idol' does it as a black and white silent film.

Brian Krause, who says he was in South Korea for the army, he's got those super-intense, possibly nuts eyes. Oh my God... he shrieks "Tip Toe Through the Tulips." 

He's super-serious, calls everyone Mr. and Ma'am, after the judges try to figure out if he's for real or not (he is, sadly) he tip toes out. Says at the end he feels like "slipping into a warm bubble bath and relaxing his thoughts."

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