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Brian Rittenberry out of the basement after charming on 'American Idol'

Naomi Morris, who tells us she's into fashion, up first with Aretha Franklin's "Respect" as "American Idol" comes to the Charlotte Motor Speedway. She's painful to listen to; loudly off-key and wails the words rather than singing.

Chattering Nicki Minaj has her take a deep breath and try again; not sure why, Mariah Carey seems annoyed already at Minaj; they all say no when it's finally over. 

Joe up next, says "my style is unique because I can lie on the ground and sing with high clarity." Oh.... He likes Minaj's pink hair, calls it cotton candy; she deadpans, "my hair is edible."

He sings, "Feeling Good," gets an "oh my goodness" from Carey as he stretches out on the floor. Has a resonant voice, if a bit stuffy-sounding and totally wrong for this show.

Judges are cracking up; they pan him afterward, and when asked whether it's a "yes or no" for moving him on to Hollywood, Randy Jackson says simply, "never."

Brian Rittenberry, whose wife was diagnosed with cancer, up next. Says when he's singing at home his wife tells him "please, go to the basement." Sings "Let It Be" -- such a sweet vocal, big and heartfelt in his Southern accent; all the judges are grinning.  

"Oh yeah," Keith Urban says afterward, adding, "you just have a good light about you." Jackson says, "you sang great," Minaj says she "loves his tone," and on he goes to Hollywood.

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