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Brian Williams has taped 'Today' interview with Matt Lauer, report says

Brian Williams has taped an interview with Matt

Brian Williams has taped an interview with Matt Lauer, according to a CNN report. Credit: AP/Matt Sayles (File photo)

The contrition process begins: Brian Williams has taped an interview with Matt Lauer that is scheduled to air on "Today" Friday. 

This report -- unconfirmed by NBC -- came from CNN's Brian Stelter, who cites two network sources, saying that the interview was in fact taped earlier this week. An announcement about Williams' new role at NBC -- he is expected to become the face of MSNBC while Lester Holt becomes permanent anchor at "Nightly News" -- was to have been made Thursday, but with the shooting tragedy in Charleston, South Carolina, it's unclear now whether the network will push the announcement back to either Friday or Monday. The network has declined comment on any matter relating to Williams or Holt.

The interview will be closely watched, of course, by NBC News staffers -- some of whom believe Williams should have left the network altogether. And while Williams did offer an on-air apology for "misremembering" his war story, he has never publicly offered a full apology, acknowledging that the story was in fact made up, nor an explanation for the embellishments either. Both topics will almost certainly be covered in the Lauer interview.

In addition, NBC News has in its possession a completed report on other instances of possible embellishment. The unknowns: To what extent Williams privately refuted those instances to executives during the protracted negotiations for reinstatement. (A Washington Post story said there are eleven such instances, while the New Orleans Advocate reported that Williams may have exaggerated elements of his reporting on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.) 

For the moment, here's one more unknown: Did Lauer ask Williams about this during his interview? 

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