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Bristol Palin 'hopes' her mom runs

Bristol Palin, left, and her partner Mark Ballas

Bristol Palin, left, and her partner Mark Ballas perform during the celebrity dance competition series "Dancing with the Stars" in Los Angeles. (Oct. 18, 2010) Photo Credit: ABC

Bristol Palin is on "Ellen" this Monday and talks about . . . "DWTS," her mom, dating, Levi -- whom she says knowns nothing about politics (imagine that!) . . .and so on. Pointedly asked about her mom running for prez, Bristol assures Ellen that she's got her vote . . .

Bristol on ex-fiancée Levi Johnston running for mayor

Ellen: Can we talk about the baby Daddy. Can we talk about Levi (Johnston)?

Bristol: Sure

Ellen: Levi is running for mayor? Is that right?

Bristol: Yes.

Ellen: How do you feel about that?

Bristol: . . .He has to move to the city limits and get his GED before he can actually run.  If he wants to continue his education that's great.

Ellen: Do you think he'd be a good mayor? Do you think he knows about politics?

Bristol:  No

Ellen: He doesn't seem to. I just find it so surprising that he would run.  That is an important position.

Bristol: Yeah, it is an important position and I don't think he knows what he is getting himself into.

Ellen: Have you ever seen him interested in politics at all before?

Bristol: No . . .

Bristol on dating 

Ellen: There are rumors that y'all  [Bristol and Mark Ballas, her DWTS partner) are dating. You're not going to tell us if you are, but are you?

Mark: No.

Bristol: No, we're not.

Ellen: But if you were you wouldn't tell me any way.

Mark: No, I'd tell you.

Ellen: Really

Mark: Yeah, but we're not.

Ellen: Are you dating anyone?

Bristol: No, I'm not.

Ellen: Is it hard to meet people that you trust now?

Bristol: Yeah, it's really hard for me to want to date after the situation I had myself in and I'm not worried about a boyfriend right now.

Bristol on her mom Sarah Palin running for president 

Ellen: Is your Mom going to run for the president? I've heard she would if no one else runs . . .that's not going to happen because someone will run. Will she run?

Bristol: I don't know but I hope she does.



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