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Brit Hollie Cavanagh, cowboy John Wayne Schulz feel it on 'American Idol'

John Wayne Schulz, 22, from Karnes City, Texas,

John Wayne Schulz, 22, from Karnes City, Texas, performs in front of the "American Idol" judges in nearby Austin, Texas. (Feb. 2, 2011) Credit: Fox

Ex-Brit Hollie Cavanagh , 17, is up next on "American Idol." She sings "At Last" in a shockingly soulful voice -- wow, all these British women who can sing soul....  

Steven Tyler tells her she was "all over the place with melody." Randy tells her she's"not quite ready, love." They draw it out. I like her and think they should give her a shot as she's standing there crying, totally nervous.

Jennifer Lopez asks her to sing again. She does an OK version vocally of "The Climb" but there's something about her desire, her conviction that makes me like her.

"You believe that song?" asks Lopez. "That was really great." Lopez says. Randy thought it was a lot better and everyone winds up saying yes. 

We see some non-talented people. It's definitely a lot less fun without Simon and his convoluted insults.

And then there's John Wayne Schulz. He's a total cowboy, upfront and totally genuine.  

He sings "Believe." It's not a great voice but has a nice tone and a good manner. I can see a lot of teenyboppers voting for him. "Beautiful," says Tyler. "I feel you, I get you," says Randy.

They bring in the folks and tell them together that he's going on to Hollywood. His mom is totally teary as the judges beam.

"You guys raised a good boy," says Lopez.

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