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Buddies Daniel Gomez and Isaac Rodriguez crash on 'American Idol'

Daniel Gomez, 18, from Corcoran, Calif. performs in

Daniel Gomez, 18, from Corcoran, Calif. performs in front of the "American Idol" judges during tryouts in Los Angeles on the show airing Feb. 3. Credit: Fox

Buddies Daniel Gomez and Isaac Rodriguez are next on "American Idol." Gomez is a bit Adam Lambertish in his speaking style, but with none of the personality. And he lacks the singing ability, too.

Judges rake him over. He gets the classic "Dawg, this is not for you" from Randy Jackson, who concludes, "it's almost like you're relatively tone deaf."

Rodriguez is next with "Build Me Up Buttercup," for some reason. It's all over the place. Don't like him either. He really can't sing. "You have a nice smile," says Jennifer Lopez

And that's about it; he thinks it's cause he messed up the words.

"Neither one of you should ever sing again," says Randy. 

They both insist they're going to keep practicing.



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