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Budweiser releases 'Typical Americans' Super Bowl spot

Budweiser's  “Typical American” commercial features the real-life stories of community, ambition and progress that inspire and bring people together. (Credit: Budweiser)

"Typical Americans."

And with that phrase —spoken with a smirk which is then promptly belied with a picture — Budweiser opens the Super Bowl LIV commercial bowl parade. The ad, which is directed by Oscar winner Kathyrn Bigelow ("The Hurt Locker") and created by Miami-based David, is the first full Super Bowl ad to be pre-released this year.

The ad: A fast-cut series of videos with a firefighter, veteran, protestor, man on subway, and so on, who are each seen in succession, while the narrator derisively refers to them as "typical Americans." Of course, each is engaged in an act of heroism or an act of selflessness (That guy on the subway? Gives his shirt to a homeless man.)

The idea: Political without being overtly political, as a defiant gesture against those who would divide us, or who would see in our average everyday selves something to be scorned or dismissed. And, by the way, we drink average beer too. You know the one.

Bottom line: Highly effective. Given that this is the first of many pre-releases to come, and notably arrives in the midst of an impeachment battle, Bud and Bigelow are doing one of those here's-who-we-really-are ads. Sure, it's sappy, but what's wrong with a little sap now and then with our suds ad? A winner.   


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