Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Burnell Taylor gets standing ovation, Dustin Watts goes classic country on 'American Idol'

Firefighter Dustin Watts next on "American Idol," singing "She's Every Woman." Deep, classic country voice; Keith Urban likes his "style and confidence"; Nicki Minaj says "you look like a country star."

Burnell Taylor closes out the Baton Rouge show, singing "I'm Here" from "The Color Purple." Interesting choice but a nice urgency to his singing, you can't turn away; passionate and right on key. Gets all the judges but Minaj to stand, with Jackson yelling, 'that's Louisiana, look at that!"

Carey says he made her cry, calls his tone "ridiculous." Minaj says simply, "we've been flying all around the country for that."

Urban says, "somewhere there's a spotlight right now just waiting for you to walk into it." Says "I'm thankful" as he walks out, big smile and hugs when he sees his family. Nice guy. Judges keep talking about him afterwards.

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