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Burnell Taylor sent home amid tears galore on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" - Burnell Taylor opened the show singing Bon Jovi's "You Give Love A Bad Name." All of the judges agreed that " rock 'n roll" is not his thing and that it was not a memorable performance. (April 3, 2013) Credit: Fox

"American Idol" is about to cut to six finalists. We already know Angie Miller, Kree Harrison and Lazaro Arbos are safe; now they send Candice Glover to safety. And then after that, Amber Holcomb.

Which means either Janelle Arthur or Burnell Taylor is going home. I hope it's Arthur; she's never done anything for me, is just a generic country singer. And it's odd how the judges pretend she's special week after week.

Taylor, on the other hand, has a unique tone and unparalleled showmanship, without showing off -- he's just fun and interesting to watch. I'm afraid he'll probably have less fan support however, however.

And he did indeed get the fewest votes. He's gotta sing to stay on; I really hope the judges use their save on him. Does a sublime version of India.Arie's "Ready for Love." Voice is in full flower, fantastic moment as he goes over to the other finalists, walks down the line and sings to each one -- many of them have tears running down their face.

All four judges give him a standing ovation. I think they're gonna save him; and... they decide not to save him! Oh no.... Really good guy; his family survived Hurricane Katrina. Reminds me of Raphael Saadiq, with the stage presence, memorable tone, sharp fashion sense. 

First big loss of the season; show will be worse without him.

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