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Medford boys win Kimmel 'Clip of the Year'

C.J. Booth, 7, left, and his brother, Jake,

C.J. Booth, 7, left, and his brother, Jake, 3, right, enjoy some of their Halloween candy, Sunday, at their home in Medford. The boys were tricked by their parents on Halloween as part of a Jimmy Kimmel Show stunt. The parents told the kids they ate all of their candy, and instead of crying, they reacted calmly. The trip earned the family a trip to the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Credit: John Dunn

Drum roll, please ... and a trumpet call now, please ... and finally the envelope (please) ... and the winner of this year's Clip of the Year on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" is ... enough with the drum rolls already: C.J. and Jake Booth of Medford. 

It's a first win for the tag team superstars from Medford. In fact, it's the first win ever for anyone from Medford. This is big. Verrrry big.

C.J., 7, and Jake, 3, were stars of the now famous Halloween-eaten-by-mom video that aired in early November and promptly went viral.

"You sneaky mom ..." -- surely you remember.

Here's the winning moment from last night:


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