Finally, Fox Business Network is on Cablevision.

Representing a significant victory for a channel that has struggled to find viewers since its launch two years ago, the Fox News Network spinoff was added to Cablevision's digital tier Thursday, instantly adding about 3 million homes to FBN's total subscriber count of around 50 million.

"Where do Wall Street types, ad buyers and the like live? They live on Long Island or northern Jersey or Westchester or Fairfield" county, where Cablevision subscribers are, said Kevin Magee, executive vice president of FBN. "This is a gigantic help for us."

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Don Imus recently joined the channel, airing weekdays from 6-9 a.m. Other well-known FBN personalities include Neil Cavuto, Liz Claman and Alexis Glick, while John Stossel also recently joined up. The network can be seen by Cablevision digital subscribers on Channel 106.

Cablevision also owns Newsday.