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Candice Glover brings power, Kree Harrison brings heart on 'American Idol'


The "American Idol" season 12 final two, from left, are Candice Glover and Kree Harrison. (May 9, 2013) Credit: Fox

Candice Glover got two standing ovations and Kree Harrison one and three-quarters as the "American Idol" finalists shone and made it difficult for voters to pick a champion.

Unlike past years, there was no clear winner and both finalists sang well, not letting the moment swallow them and capping off what's been the strongest field of singers -- top to bottom -- I can remember.

Glover clearly had the song of the night, bringing the house down and the judges to their feet with "I Who Have Nothing." She simply has a higher ceiling then Harrison, and at her best is one of the most memorable performers the show has ever had.

On the other hand, Harrison didn't have a bad moment all night, and really brought the emotion while Glover had us awed. She's been surging the last few weeks and in the end might have done enough to energize her fans and take the crown from Glover.

I rated each song; put your thoughts into the comments, below:

1) Glover's "I Who Have Nothing" started a cappella and left me with chills -- "Oh my gosh, that's just crazy!" Keith Urban said. "It's like a planet exploding to life, it was incredible."

2) Harrison's "Angel" was one of her best performances of the year. She slowed it down and just lets the crackly, country tone in her voice swell out.

3) Glover's "I Am Beautiful" was fantastic and got a standing ovation. Her sincerity shone through, and she didn't over-sing, which made the big moments even more poignant. 

4) Harrison's "All Cried Out" was compelling, as her emotion poured through. It felt like she was singing about her life, and got all the judges except Nicki Minaj to stand.

5) Harrison's "Up to the Mountain" was slow and emotional and calm. It got a standing ovation from all the judges, with Urban simply exclaiming, "That was beautiful, Kree!

6) Glover's "Chasing Pavements" was a horrible choice by show creator Simon Fuller. It was low energy, meandered all over, and was just not that fun to listen to.

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