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Candice Glover gets late ovation, Kree Harrison's voice 'faultless' on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover up next on "American Idol," singing Bruno Mars' "When I Was Your Man." Starts so smooth, so in control; has made the song her own, with perfect vocals that soar without going over the top.

Impossible to listen to her without nodding your head or tapping your feet; she just carries you along.

"Yo -- this girl right here, that's how you sing a song!" yells Randy Jackson, calling it "amazing." Mariah Carey says she "has the musicality to change it to suit her."

Keith Urban calls it "a winning performance, baby." Nicki Minaj starts with, "that performance actually deserved a standing ovation," and then the judges stand. She says "you look and feel to me like an artist," adding she's the first performer of the night who really made the song her own.

Kree Harrison the last finalist to sing her first song, which has to be from 2013. Doing Carrie Underwood's "See You Again." It's okay for me; not a great song inherently, feels a bit overly dramatic and produced. Even though her voice is pitch perfect. 

Carey doesn't seem to really know what to say, winds up praising her for being "authentic." Urban says he wasn't "quite connected" to it, in part because it's a power ballad but she stayed seated the whole time on a stool. Calls her voice "faultless" though.

Minaj says "you sang with your eyes," thought she actually connected really well. Jackson called it a "great vocal." 

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