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Candice Glover gets standing ovation, Paul Jolley not horrible on 'American Idol'

Paul Jolley up next on "American Idol," seems like a nice guy but he doesn't deserve to be here in my view; mentor Jimmy Iovine tells him he "perpetually oversings."

Is singing Scotty McCreery's version of "Amazed." Just sitting on the steps; a bit theatrical right away but it's a good song choice that fits his voice. Cheesy as heck, of course, because that's his style; but enjoyable. His voice does seem to be getting lost, he really isn't up to the caliber of the other finalists -- plus he always looks lost, something about the eyes.

Keith Urban called it "one of your better performances," Nicki Minaj says "this is the first time you've stimulated my sexual appetite," loves the way he's been styled. "You have the uncanny ability to pick songs I just happen to like, as a regular human being," which is exactly right. She thinks his eyes and his overthinking of things is what makes people think he's theatrical, which is right. He always looks nervous and overly aware.

Randy Jackson says it was "a great job," while Mariah Carey liked it too.

Candice Glover next, Iovine tells her she has a "fabulous" voice. Singing, like Jordin Sparks did, "I (Who Have Nothing)." Really looking forward to this, it's a great song and Sparks' performance was one of my top 10 "Idol" moments of all time.

She's strong from the get-go; really acting out the song, without being cheesy. Lots of emotion, feels authentic. Crowd is screaming; she's building such drama with her voice, which is astonishingly powerful. Judges are shaking her heads in disbelief.

Blows away everything else from tonight; and it's effortless. It doesn't top Sparks in my opinion -- not quite the contrast of quiet and loud -- but all the judges except Carey stand for her and the audience goes nuts.

Urban says, "I love you so much," tells her "you're incredible baby, amazing." Minaj says nobody else should perform that song now on this show, "you just destroyed and annihilated" it. Jackson says "this was one of the greatest performances" this season. Carey says she's "mesmerizing," and that "a singer of your caliber can do pretty much anything."

She then explains, "the reason I did not stand up was my skirt's too tight." Ha!


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