Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Candice Glover gets three judges to stand, Adriana Latonio swallowed up on 'American Idol'

Adriana Latonio next on "American Idol," doing Destiny's Child's "Stand Up for Love." Voice is swallowed up at first, but then she hits the chorus and soars more. Seems a bit nervous and is breathy; will be hard for her to stand out on what's been a stellar night for the women. 

Keith Urban wasn't crazy about the song choice, didn't think it was at the level of some of the others. Nicki Minaj tells her to "work a little bit and come back next year," saying "the song was too big for her." Randy Jackson called it "very safe" and "boring," with Mariah Carey echoing everyone else.

Candice Glover closes out the night with John Legend's "Ordinary People." It's like being in a jazz club; she's just playing with the song, going on runs and letting her voice do the work. Nothing fancy, just a big, professional vocal from a confident contestant. Has the audience shrieking in appreciation.

All the judges but Minaj stand for her; Urban calls her "superb," Minaj simply salutes her, with Jackson calling it "ridiculous" and adding, "I'm learning listening to you." Carey says, "thank you for that performance and sharing your gift with us."

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