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Candice Glover gives one of 'greatest performances ever,' Janelle Arthur does not on 'American Idol'

Janelle Arthur singing Garth Brooks' version of "The Dance" on "American Idol," sitting on the edge of the stage and doing nothing fancy with it.

Not bad; but also nothing special. She's out of her league with this season's powerhouse group, and at this point nothing to do but let her time on the show play out.

"Not your best performance ever," says Randy Jackson, with Mariah Carey shockingly saying this was the first time she's heard this song. And then praising the simplicity of the start of the song.

Wait, she's never heard this before?! How is that possible? 

Keith Urban says it was fine, but maybe better if she had sung the song and played her guitar. Nicki Minaj calls it "sweet," but says not enough to beat out the other women tonight.

Candice Glover closes out the night with the The Cure's "Lovesong," which is not something I'd have guessed she'd pick.

Has us from the opening pure note, audience is whooping during the silences. She's just powerful, pitch perfect and compelling. Judges are just astonished and clapping, and she's not even halfway through.

They all stand; immediately, at the end; and she gets an extended ovation from the audience. Carey walks up to her and throws glitter on her.

Jackson says, "on behalf of all my judges up here, one of the greatest performances in the history of 'American Idol.'" Glover is in tears.

We're out of time, so no time for the other judges to say anything -- but also no need. Wow.

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