Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Candice Glover 'murders' (in a good way) Beatles, Paul Jolley 'bland' on 'American Idol'

Candice Glover singing "Come Together" on "American Idol," mentor Jimmy Iovine tells her during rehearsal, "this show is lucky to have you." Comes out with some attitude, playing with the words and throwing some emotion in there. Just nails the chorus; big and powerful and biting. 

Keith Urban loves the "rock chick" side of her, Nicki Minaj loves her vocals, but wants her face to always reflect the emotion of the moment. Randy Jackson calls her voice "crazy," likes her faster tempo and her "playful side." Mariah Carey says she "murdered" this song (in a good way) and can't wait to hear more of her big vocals.

Paul Jolley next, doing "Eleanor Rigby." Starts off with a little falsetto; he's so cheesy -- surrounded by white fog on stage -- and is always playing to the camera. But it's a good song choice, fits his tone -- gives it a bit of a rock wail on the chorus. Just does nothing special for me, he's my least favorite finalist.

Minaj says, "I did not like your performance," calls it "safe, bland and forgettable." As usual, she gets it exactly right. Jackson thought he was "disconnected" from the song, while Carey liked the song choice but says he needs to give more emotion when he's singing softly. Urban liked the "pop-rock edge" he showed in his voice, says "it's got a good angst to it."

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