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"Caprica:" Pilot



  Before we get rolling today, something a little different - the full pilot of "Caprica," which bows on SyFy (or SciFi, if you prefer) on Jan 22.

  As you may know, "Caprica" is Ronald Moore's prequel to "Battlestar Gallactica." There was a DVD of this back some months ago, but this is first time SyFy's releasing it to cybertrawlers everywhere....I'm sure it'll be popping up on the website any minute too. Nevertheless, this is unusual - a full pilot for fans sent to TV writers who then happily, dutifully post it on their blog sites...Intriguing.  

  SyFy tells me this pilot isn't a thousand percent broadcast ready, but is close enough. Hope the embed works. If not...I'll get another one up shorty...




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