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'Captivating' Kez Ban surprisingly advances on 'American Idol,' as does Johnny Keyser

Ieisha Cotton next on "American Idol," she seems shy but says she's a professional dancer and then gets Nicki Minaj going with some quick moves.

Sings "I Want To Say Thank You," it's not good and gets Randy Jackson to say, "Baby, you're tone deaf, you can't even really hear the notes." They advise her to stick with the dancing.

Johnny Keyser is back from last year, doing "Try a Little Tenderness." Not fantastic vocals but a good performance, nice energy. "You're not going to be girlfriend-less for long," says Keith Urban, who adds, "I liked everything that I heard."

"You are a star, in my opinion," says Mariah Carey. On he goes to Hollywood.

Kez Ban, who tells us she's a beginner "fire performer" and "doesn't expect to win" -- then informs us as well she's from "planet Earth." Anyone who says that can generally be dismissed....

Hmm, singing an original song; has a surprising good voice, definitely a ministrel quality to it, unique with a great tone. Plays the guitar well too; she's a natural performer. Might be too weird for this show, but she can sing and is interesting as heck. Judges all listening quietly. 

"I like you, very interesting," says Jackson. "I can feel the realness in you," says Carey. "You're very captivating," says Minaj, which is the exact right word.

She says afterward she's "in total shock" she made it to Hollywood.

"I had a feeling that it was possible, but I just thought I was too bizarre."


Ashley Curry next, she says singing was about the only thing that separated her from her twin sister; singing "Momma Knows Best." Studying musical theater, and it's definitely over-the-top. Not really enjoyable, and way too loud.

"If you had the right vocal coach, you could do a lot with your voice," says Nicki Minaj. She then insists on singing again, even though the judges try to stop her.

"You can't do that," says Minaj, "that's a weapon right there!"

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