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Carol Brady’s wise advice helped make her a beloved TV mom

Florence Henderson, who played beloved sitcom mom Carol

Florence Henderson, who played beloved sitcom mom Carol Brady on "The Brady Bunch," died at the age of 82 on Thursday, Nov. 24, 2016. Credit: ABC

One of the reasons Florence Henderson’s Carol Brady was among the most beloved TV moms was the wise advice she gave her six kids — the kind of advice most of us wished our moms had given to us:

To Jan, who’s experiencing sibling rivalry issues with Marcia: “Find out what you do best and then do your best with it.”

“Sometimes when we lose ... we win.” (Both from “My Sister’s Shadow”)

To Greg, when he decides he wants to be a rock singer rather than go to college: “Fame is a fleeting thing, but a college education lasts a lifetime.” (From “Adios, Johnny Bravo”)

To the kids en masse, who are thinking of voting Peter out of the family singing group because his voice is starting to change: “Money and fame are very important things, but sometimes there are other things that are more important — like people!” (From “Dough Re Mi”)

To the kids after they’ve scared Alice with a practical joke: “If you carry a joke too far, somebody could get hurt.” (From “Fright Night”)

To Marcia, when she complains about people not liking her because she wears braces: “Braces can never change the feelings of a real friend ... and they can never change the feelings of someone who loves you.” (From “Brace Yourself”)

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