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Carrie Underwood and Ellen DeGeneres all business on 'American Idol'

"American Idol" wastes more time with overly-produced, unfunny "comedy" bits starring Ryan, then Carrie Underwood shows up to sing "Change."

Every time he sees her Simon must think, "I made you." (And somewhere Katharine McPhee is wailing, why not me, too?!)

Carrie is her usual determined, humorless pro self, both while singing and afterward. Ellen joins Ryan up on stage. She's looking like she just stepped out of a Shakespeare production.

She hung out with David Arquette, to find out about "Feeding America." This is a good segment -- it's not just the poor who need help, even in a middle class community there are people down on their luck. David says this program has helped 37 million.

One of these people is a math teacher, who can't afford to feed his family of three kids. Wow . . . Ellen is really straightforward in her pitch. it's totally effective.

We then go back to Angola with Kara DioGuardi and Elliott Yamin, and the fight against malaria, before the commercial break.


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