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Casey Abram growls, Ashthon Jones goes regal on 'American Idol'

Casey Abrams is singing Joe Cocker's "Little Help From My Friends" next on "American Idol." It's a great pick, I think. He gets good advice, to be physical, really put his all into it. 

He sits on the stairs, a mistake right away -- too self-contained and calm to start. And then he suddenly starts yelling the lyrics, no building, no sense of natural eruption. It all feels like it's forced. He's working hard as usual and showing it -- a bit herky jerky, too. Audience likes it, though.

Jennifer Lopez says she felt like she was "watching somebody important," and it "blew me away." Randy Jackson liked it, too. "You are so unbelievable and so exciting, you hit all the notes, always," he says.

Steven Tyler says "you are a rainbow of talent, man; you are a plethora of passion."

I think they've gone a bit overboard. It's not a performance anyone will want to listen to again.

Ashthon Jones is up next. She's doing Diana Ross, another good match. Looks regal in a silver gown, swan-like with her big motions and big hair. Hmm, her version of "When You Tell Me That You Love Me" is somehow missing something.

You wanna like it, but it doesn't grab me. And she's off-key on the big notes. Earnest, pouring her all into it, but not that enjoyable.

Berry Gordy is in the audience; Randy at the end says he liked it, Steven says there's more in there, J.Lo says she wants to hear songs we know so we can sing along. 

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