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Casey Abrams goes wild on 'Nature Boy' on 'American Idol'

Casey Abrams, who dressed up to perform

Casey Abrams, who dressed up to perform "Nature Boy," was rewarded with a standing ovation from the "American Idol" judges. (April 13, 2011) Photo Credit: Fox

Casey Abrams is singing "Nature Boy" next on "American Idol." It's a risky move since nobody who's voting knows the song, but at least he's being true to himself. The mentors seemed to be against it.

It's definitely a weird song the way he sings it, lots of breathy yeahhhhs, that makes him seem like a creepy old guy. He's playing with the song, is gonna get the votes of jazz enthusiasts but...

Audio problems on Fox blank out about the middle 10 seconds of the song, really unfortunate. It's interesting but not that enjoyable to listen to. He's gonna pay for this, I'm afraid. I mean, if you're gonna go out on a limb like this, you've got to at least make people wanna get up and cheer.

He's teary about it afterward. He says "I felt like people were really against me, and I stood my ground." Yeah, but you've got to be really great when you do that, and I, at least, didn't think he was.



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