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Casey Abrams jumps, Thia Megia soars on 'American Idol'

Casey Abrams up for one of the two last men's spots in the "American Idol" top 24. Based on their stupid promos we know he gets in, because the last three guys have to fight it out for the final spot.

He blew everyone away with his double bass and New Orleans-style jazzy voice; and sheer musical joy. "I don't think we've ever had a musician as talented as yourself," says Randy Jackson.

He jumps up in joy when he hears he's in, his chair goes flying. The teeny-boppers will have to vote for him if he's gonna go as far as he should; he may be too much of a real musician for them...

Down to Thia Megia and Jessica Cunningham for the last women's spot, they go in together. It's gotta be Thia, right?! She's a huge, natural-born talent at just 15, soaring voice. Did "Wind Beneath my Wings" for her solo.

They hardly show rocker Jessica; it's her birthday, no less -- and her seventh time on the show! And it's Thia moving on!

"Getting cut on my birthday is evil," Jessica says afterwards, and gives the camera the double finger. 

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