Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Casey Abrams pulls another one over the 'American Idol' judges

Casey Abrams performs Carole King's "Hi De Ho"

Casey Abrams performs Carole King's "Hi De Ho" in front of the judges on "American Idol." (April 27, 2011) Credit: Fox

Casey Abrams is singing "Hi-De-Ho" next on "American Idol." Ugh, it's a typical self-indulgent performance. He's growling and jazzing and exclaiming all over the stage. It's just not that enjoyable to listen to.

The thing is, he's just not that creative -- does the same thing every time. Just because it's different than normal singers doesn't make it special or praiseworthy.

But Randy Jackson likes how it's always "something different and entertaining." Steven Tyler thinks he's found his niche, Jennifer Lopez thought he was in his element but wants him to loosen up more.

They're really in the tank for him. Man, I miss Pia Toscano. They should've saved their save for her. 


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