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Casey James and Tory Kelly make it on looks on 'American Idol'

Casey James, who was in a motorcycle accident and has that blond vapid look, up next on "American Idol." Kara and Simon disagree over his voice -- it made me stop and listen.

So Victoria tells him to take his hair down, enthuses about how he looks like a model. Kara tells him to take his shirt off; Simon tells him this is "really embarassing." Girls say yes, Simon no, Randy puts him through, "for the girls."

Tory Kelly, who says she's 16 but seriously looks like she's all grown up, brings a little girl Hope with her, who steals the show, drawing pictures of each judge for them. Tory sings "Gravity." It's sincere but not the greatest vocals.

Simon says he'd put Hope through over her, thought "her voice was almost annoying." Victoria likes the way she looks, Kara likes her too, Randy put her through, as Simon laughingly calls them "mad."

I don't know;  I don't like either Casey or Tory that much, they seemed totally okay with going through on just looks, didn't even protest. Maybe they'll grow on me in Hollywood.

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