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Casey James can't quite be a rock star on 'American Idol'

Casey James says he never watched "American Idol" before -- he hasn't had a TV most of his life! So he didn't know his choice, "I Don't Wanna Be," has been sung a few times before. James said he's bought and restored his own house.

He's funny, banters with the producer about his pre-show ritual, refuses to share it, cause "a lot of these contestants are better than I am," feels he needs a secret edge.

Wails on the guitar, looks the part of rock star without even opening his mouth. Song itself is a bit flat, lacks energy in an odd way, like it's too restrained. Swallowing the end of his lyrics, too. Doesn't grab me at all, feels a bit like he's going through the motions -- not sure about the song choice, guitar solos at the start and end are great, in between it's just eh.

Randy liked the Hendrix-vibe, not the best vocal, but this is your identity, guitar was hot. Ellen thought he sounded great, on paper everything is there, but a stiffness on stage, move more, perform more. Yeah, that's exactly right.

Kara says she didn't like him, to gasps. Notes were off, song didn't go to another level, "tonight, two steps back, baby." Simon with Kara, "trying to be a rock star," didn't have the "grit" in his voice.

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