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Casey James gets saved by and kisses Shania Twain on 'American Idol'

Casey James should be in his comfort zone with "Don't" on 'American Idol.' He tells Ryan he realized after all the criticism he really hasn't given anybody anything new, promises he's about to.

Hmm, Shania Twain says he might be lacking confidence, give it your all; he says, oddly, he doesn't think he's sang yet on the show. Okay -- so you've been a big fraud for the past few months?!

He's pretty good on this song tonight though; clearly in his element, good tone, heartfelt. First time all season I feel like he could win this thing; too bad it's the one and only country night.

Randy thought one of his best ever, Ellen says your best so far, Kara says "artists do not hide, and that's what you did." Simon says last week was a "wake-up call" and that's probably your best performance so far. Suggests he kiss Shania, he does (ha, I think Kara's fuming?)

If Casey sings like this the rest of the season, it could be like Kris Allen -- someone comes out of nowhere the last few weeks to win. But I'm not sure he's got the fire; he seems to be happy to do his thing and collect his fan mail.

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